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Volume 31, Issue 1 pp. 1-84 (2023)

Corporate Risk-Taking and Cash Holdings: The Moderating Effect of Investor Protection
Pages 1-23
Fatima Saleh Abd Almajeed Al-Hamshary; Akmalia M. Ariff; Khairul Anuar Kamarudin & Norakma Abd Majid

Impacts of COVID-19 and Related Government Policies on the Returns of the US Dollar Against the Malaysian Ringgit
Pages 25-45
Chee-Hong Law & Chee-Lip Tee

Determinants of Dividend Policies in Shariah Compliant and Non-Shariah Compliant Firms: A Panel Quantile Approach
Pages 47-58
Mohd Ashari Bakri & Chia Chia Yong

Weak Form of Call Auction Prices: Simulation Using Monte Carlo Variants
Pages 59-71
Dinabandhu Bag & Saurabh Goel

The Effects of Lockdown, Economic Stimulus Packages and National Recovery Plan Announcements on the Malaysian Stock Market
Pages 73-84
Kok Jun Tan & Mohd Edil Abd Sukor

Volume 31, Issue 2 pp. 1-101 (2023)

Negative Social Media Sentiments and Capital Structure
Pages 1-22
Samuel Jebaraj Benjamin, Zhuoan Feng & Pallab Kumar Biswas

COVID-19 Dynamics and Financing of Cash Flow Shortages: Evidence from Firm-Level Survey
Pages 23-53
Yusuf Adeneye, Fathyah Hashim, Yusuf Babatunde Rahman & Normaizatul Akma Saidi

CSR Performance and Profitability of the Banking Industry in Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN)
Pages 55-68
Berto Usman, Ridwan Nurazi, Intan Zoraya & Nurna Aziza

Financial Performance as a Determinant of The Cost of Capital: An Empirical Study on Listed Companies in India
Pages 69-87
Naseem Ahamed & Nitya Nand Tripathi

The Performance of ESG ETFs in the U.S.
Pages 89-101
Gerasimos G. Rompotis

Volume 30, Issue 1 pp. 1-83 (2022)

The Effects of Market Strength, Information Asymmetry, and Industrial Characteristics on Malaysian Firms’ CAR During COVID-19 Pandemic
Pages 1-15
Saw Imm Song,Jennifer Tunga Janang, Erimalida Yazi, Fareiny Morni

Board Governance, Dividend Payout and Executive Compensation in Malaysian Firms
Pages 17-35
Ravichandran K. Subramaniam, Khakan Najaf, Murugasu Thangarajah

Impact of Governance Quality on Default Risk of Socially Responsible Firms: International Evidence
Pages 37-49
Bolaji Tunde Matemilola, Suleiman Ahmed Badayi, Amin Noordin Bany-Ariffin

An Empirical Study on Co-Integration and Causality Among GCC Stock Markets
Pages 51-64
Vikram Mohite, Vibha Bhandari

Currency Carry Trades and Stock Market Returns in Africa
Pages 65-83
Godfred Aawaar, Eric Nkansah, Irrshad Kaseeram

Volume 30, Issue 2 pp. 1-106 (2022)

Malaysian Domestic Bond Market Experience: Lessons for Emerging Economies
Pages 1-18
Meng-Wai Lee, Michael Meow-Chung Yap, Kim-Leng Goh

Asymmetric Real Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment Determinants: An Empirical Study of Malaysia
Pages 19-37
Hock Tsen Wong

Actively Managed ETFs: A Performance Evaluation
Pages 39-61
Gerasimos Georgiou Rompotis

Digital Cashless Payments and Economic Growth: Evidence from CPMI Countries
Pages 63-89
Yi-Xun Pang, Sin-Huei Ng, Wei-Theng Lau

Efficiency and Competition in QISMUT Banking Sector
Pages 91-106
Noor Shazreen Mortadza, Rossazana Ab-Rahim




Volume 28, Issue 1 pp. 1-76 (2020)

Corporate Governance in Australia: Share Repurchases under an Imputation Tax System
Pages 1-23
Hussein Abedi Shamsabadi, Byung S. Min, Imen Tebourbi & Mohammad Nourani

Do Heterogeneous Boards Promote Firm Innovation? Evidence from Malaysia
Pages 25-47
Sa’adiah Munir, Gary John Rangel, Ravichandran K. Subramaniam & Mohd. Zulkhairi bin Mustapha

We Bring You Capital and Job – Foreign Investment and Employment in Malaysia
Pages 49-63
Amy Dict-Weng Kwan & Tuck-Cheong Tang

Global and Local Commodity Prices: A Further Look at the Indonesian Agricultural Commodities
Pages 65-76
Pradita Nareswari & Sigit S. Wibowo


Volume 28, Issue 2 pp. 1-71 (2020)

Performance of ProShares Triple-Leveraged Equity ETFs
Pages 1-18
Ramesh Adhikari, Humnath Panta & M. Kabir Hussan

Max-Effect in the Indonesian Market
Pages 19-27
Leo Julianto & Irwan Adi Ekaputra

Predicting SMEs Failure: Logistic Regression vs Artificial Neural Network Models
Pages 29-41
Juraini Zainol Abidin , Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah & Karren Lee-Hwei Khaw

Stock Markets’ Integration in Post Financial Crisis Era: Evidence from Literature
Pages 43-71
Muhammad Hanif & Ariba Sabah


Volume 27, Issue 1 pp. 1-68 (2019)

Financial Openness and Trade Openness Nexus: Empirical Evidence from Global Data
Pages 1-18
Xiao-Jun Goh, Wen-Qi Tong & Tuck-Cheong Tang

Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rates on Stock Prices in G7 Countries
Pages 19-33
Arash Habibi & Chin Lee

The Malaysian Domestic Bond Market: Growing into its Rightful Role
Pages 34-52
Meng-Wai Lee, Kim-Leng Goh & Michael Meow-Chung Yap

Exchange Rate Movements, Earnings Management and Stock Returns in Malaysia
Pages 53-68
Bao Quan Lock , Ei Yet Chu , Saw Imm Song  & Lian Yin Lee


Volume 27, Issue 2 pp. 1-102 (2019)

Adopting a Structured Abstract Design to More Effectively Catch Reader Attention: An Application of the Pitching Research® Framework
Pages 1-13
Robert W. Faff

Institutional Quality, Tax Avoidance, and Analysts’ Forecast: International Evidence
Pages 15-35
Akmalia M. Ariff & Khairul Anuar Kamarudin

An Empirical Study of Herding Behaviour in China’s A-Share and B-Share Markets: Evidence of Bidirectional Herding Activities
Pages 37-57
Oi-Ping Chong, A.N. Bany-Ariffin, Annuar Md Nassir & Junaina Muhammad 

The Effect of Financial Constraints on Audit Fees
Pages 59-87
Samuel Jebaraj Benjamin 

Effect of Standardization of Trading Board Lot on Abnormal Liquidity in Malaysian Stock Market
Pages 89-102
Nor Elliany Hawa Ibrahim, Kamarun Nisham Taufil Mohd & Karren Lee-Hwei Khaw 


Volume 26, Issue 1 pp. 1-72 (2018)

Political Uncertainty and the Greek Stock Market over the Period 2011-2015
Pages 1-18
Gerasimos G. Rompotis

Interaction Effects of Country-Level Governance Quality and Debt on Stock Returns in Developing Nations
Pages 19-35
Bolaji Tunde Matemilola, Bany-Ariffin A. N. & Annuar Md. Nassir

The Role of Country-Level Differences in Influencing ASEAN Firms’ Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions (CBMAs) Success
Pages 36-55
Nurhazrina Mat Rahim & Ruhani Hj. Ali

The Relative Importance of Cash Flow News and Discount Rate News at Driving Stock Price Change
Pages 56-72
Mohsen Jafarian, Fauzias Mat Nor & Izani Ibrahim


Volume 26, Issue 2 pp. 1-69(2018)

Frequency and Sequence: Convertible Debt Issuance Announcement Effect on Stock Returns
Pages 1-20
Sri Noor Aishah Binti Mohd Salleh & Karren Lee-Hwei Khaw

Stock Market Liberalization Impact on Sectoral Stock Market Return in Malaysia
Pages 21-31
Subashini Maniam & Chin Lee

Behavioural Asset Pricing Determinants in a Factor and Style Investing Framework 
Pages 32-52
Jasman Tuyon & Zamri Ahmad

Do Firm Size And Value Affect Shareholder Returns in Malaysia?
Pages 53-69
Pheng Bian Ong, Mohamed Hisham Hanifa & Mansor Mohd Isa 




Volume 25, Issue 1 pp. 1-62 (2017)

Substantial Shareholders and Their Trading Behaviour around Lock-Up Expiry: Evidence from Emerging Markets
Pages 1-18
Abdolhossein Zameni & Othman Yong

Does Interest Rate Still Matter in Determining Exchange Rate?
Pages 19-25
Wai-Mun Har, Ai-Lian Tan, Chong-Heng Lim & Chai-Thing Tan

Momentum and Investor Sentiment: Evidence from Asian Stock Markets
Pages 26-42
Shangkari V. Anusakumar & Ruhani Ali

The Relationship of Crude Palm Oil Spot-Futures under Inflationary Expectation in Gold Market
Pages 43-62
You-How Go & Wee-Yeap Lau


Volume 25, Issue 2 pp. 1-64 (2017)

Investigation of Herding Behaviour in Developed and Developing Countries: Does Country Governance Factor Matters?
Pages 1-14
Ahmad Fawwaz Mohd Nasarudin, Bany Ariffin Amin Noordin, Siong Hook Law & Mohd Hisham Yahya

Macroeconomic Drivers of Singapore Private Residential Prices: A Markov-Switching Approach
Pages 15-31
Gary John Rangel & Jason Wei Jian Ng

The Determinants of Financial Development in the Republic of Yemen: Evidence from the Principal Components Approach
Pages 32-48
Ramez Abubakr Badeeb & Hooi Hooi Lean

Dynamic Linkages between Newly Developed Islamic Equity Style Indices: Is Growth Style More Influential Than Value Style?
Pages 49-64
Shahrin Saaid Shaharuddin, Wee-Yeap Lau & Tien-Ming Yip

Volume 23, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-95 (2015)

Municipal Credit Ratings and Unfunded Pension Liabilities: New Evidence?
Pages 1-24
Fahad Alshathri, J. Richard Aronson & Nandkumar Nayar

Impact of Lock-Up Provision on Two IPO Anomalies in the Immediate Aftermarket
Pages 25-39
Norliza Che-Yahya, Ruzita Abdul-Rahim & Rasidah Mohd-Rashid

Performance and Trading Characteristics of Exchange Traded Funds: Developed vs Emerging Markets
Pages 40-64
Aftab Parvez Khan, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha & Abul Mansur Mohammed Masih

The Impact of Institutional Investors on Real and Accrual Earnings Management around IPO: Evidence from Malaysian Emerging Market
Pages 65-83
Sani Hussaini Kalgo, Bany Ariffin Amin Noordin, Hairul Suhaimi Bin Nahar & Siti Zaida Binti Turmin

Informational Content of Yield Spread: Predicting Economic Growth of Malaysia
Pages 84-95
Joanne Yen-Ei Kek & Kim-Leng Goh

Volume 21, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-87 (2013)

Financial Convergence of the Asia Pacific Developing Economies
Pages 1-12
Juliana Ibrahim & Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Controlling Shareholders and the Implied Cost of Equity of Malaysian Firms
Pages 13-37
Swee-Sim Foong, Chee-Wooi Hooy & Guat-Khim Hooy

Introduction of the Single-Tier Corporate Tax System: Its Effect on Share Price
Pages 39-66
Aslam Selamat, Mohamed Ariff & Shamsher Mohamad

Is the Long Term Profit Rate of Malaysian Sukuk a Good Predictor of Short Term Profit Rate?
Pages 67-87
Adesina-Uthman Ganiyat Adejoke, Taufiq Hassan, Shamsher Mohamad & M. Kabir Hassan

Volume 17, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-102 (2009)

Financial Efficiency of SMEs in the Northern Corridor Economic Region: A DEA Analysis
Pages 1-19
Hooy Chee Wooi, Hooy Guat Khim & Tajul Ariffin Masron

Assessing the Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Cost Efficiency
Pages 21-42
Fadzlan Sufian & Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Determinants of Credit Risk in Malaysian Islamic Banks
Pages 43-60
Siti Norakinah SH Ahmad Tajuddin, Shahida Shahimi & Mohamad Abdul Hamid

Market Consequences of Earnings Quality for Malaysian Listed Companies
Pages 61-78
Radziah Abdul Latiff & Fauziah Md Taib

Benefits of Co-trading: Evidence from Australian and Singapore Stock Exchanges
Pages 79-102
Charlie Charoenwong & Chee Ng

Volume 10, Issue 1 pp. 1-177 (2002)

Are Values of Malaysian Companies Affected By Foreign Exchange Rate Changes?
Pages 1-21
Subramaniam S.Pillay & Gary Rangel

Capital Structure and Market Power Interaction: Evidence From Malaysia
Pages 23-40
I. M. Pandey

Multi- Index CAPM vs APT: A Comparison Of Two Asset Pricing Models For Malaysia
Pages 41-66
Ch’ng Hock Khoon & G. S Gupta

Portfolio Formation Using Islamic- Approved Stock in Malaysia
Pages 67-86
Mohd Hasimi Yaacob & Noor Azuddin Yakob

Mint Determination of Firm Debt, Ownership Structure on Firm Performance: A Methodology Review
Pages 87-114
Augustinus Setiawan S & Fauziah M. Taib

Price Randomness, Fundamental Factors, and Stock Market Contrarian Strategy: Further Evidence on Malaysian Stock Market
Pages 115-137
Fauzias Mat Nor, Lai Ming Ming & A. Manaf bin Hussin

Price Reaction to Stock Repurchase: Evidence from KLSE
Pages 139-177
Lim Eng Hwa & Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha


Volume 10, Issue 2 pp. 1-75 (2002)

Domestic Money, Foreign Money and the Performance of Malaysian Common Stocks: A Long Run Equilibrium Analysis
Pages 1-20
Noor A Ghazali & Soo-Wah Low

Income Smoothing and Market Perception of Accounting Numbers: An Empirical Investigation of Extraordinary Items
Pages 21-42
Wan Adibah Wan Ismail, Khairul Anuar Kamarudin & Muhd Kamil Ibrahim

Announcements Effect of Corporate Name Change: Failed vs Non-Failed Firms
Pages 43-60
Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori, Shamser Mohamad, Annuar Md Nassir & Mohamad Ali Abdul Hamid

Financial Goals Choices and Performance of Firms in Malaysia
Pages 61-75
I. M. Pandey

Volume 3, Issue 1pp. 1-102 (1995)

Profile of Individual Investors in the Kelang Valley Area
Pages 1-16
Mansor Md Isa & Lim Ching Fong

Managerial Capital Budgeting Objectives Under Asymmetries Of Information: A Survey Of Recent Trends
Pages 17-32
Daing Nasir Ibrahim & Faoziah Idris

Measuring The Costs of IPO Underpricing- The Original Shareholders’ View
Pages 33-48
Steven M. Dawson

Influence Of The End-Of-The-Week Performances of The New York Stock Exchange And The Tokyo Stock Exchange On The Beginning-Of-The-Week Performance Of The KLSE
Pages 49-72
Othman Yong

Dividend Behaviour in Malaysia
Pages 73-84
Lok Kong Sing & G.S. Gupta

A Note On The Financial Performance of Conglomerate versus Non-Conglomerate
Pages 85-94
Fauzias Mat Nor & Hussin Dollah

The Central Depository System
Pages 95-102


Volume 3, Issue 2 pp. 1-109 (1995)

Performance of Property Trusts in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 1-19
Kok Kim Lian & Khoo Liam Kim

The Investment Performance of Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia
Pages 21-50
Tan Hoon Chuan

The Performance of Unit Trusts in Malaysia: Some Evidence
Pages 51-69
Shamsher Mohamad & Annuar Mohd Nassir

Are the Main and Second Board on the KLSE Integrated? Some Empirical Evidence
Pages 71-90
Muzafar Shah Habibullah & Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah

The Economic Viability of Some Commonly used technical Analysis Tools in the Malaysian Securities market
Pages 91-99
Shamsher Mohamad, Ong Bey Tsong & Annuar Mohd Nassir

Securities Commission Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds, Property Trust Funds and Closed End Funds
Pages 101-109