About CMR

ISSN: 1823-4445
E-ISSN: 2805-430X

The Capital Markets Review (CMR) was formerly published by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Malaysia) and the Research Institute of Investment Analysts Malaysia (RIIAM). Beginning 2004, the Malaysian Finance Association (MFA) has been given the privilege to take over the publication of CMR and MFA is now the official publisher of CMR.
Published twice a year in March and September, CMR contains papers in both English and Bahasa Melayu. CMR publishes double-blind refereed articles in various aspects of finance, including Asset Pricing, International Finance, Corporate Finance, Banking, Risk and Insurance, Market Microstructure and Islamic Banking and Finance. The journal welcomes empirical and theoretical contributions that have not been previously published.
CMR is listed and indexed in ABDC Journal Quality List, Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), MyJurnal and MyCite by Citation and Infometrics Centre (formerly known as Malaysia Citation Centre (MCC)) and Google Scholar.
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Publication Ethics Policy


Capital Markets Review (CMR) is a peer reviewed journal which adheres to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) standards on publication ethics to prevent any publication malpractice. It is expected that all parties involved in the act of publishing article(s) in CMR, including authors, reviewers and editors, are fully committed to the following ethics statements documented based on the Ethical Code of COPE.

Author’s Obligations

  • Author(s) should ensure that their work has not been published previously except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis.
  • Author(s) should ensure that their work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere before they submit their work to this journal.
  • The article(s) submission and publication in this journal must be known and approved by all Authors.
  • The work must be original and entirely owned by Author(s). Author(s) should ensure that there is no falsification, fabrication of data or plagiarism including duplicate publication of the Author’s own work without proper citation.

Reviewer’s Obligations

  • Every manuscript that is sent to the appointed reviewers should be kept as a confidential document and reviewers should not reveal or communicate the work to others unless authorized by the editor.
  • Reviewers are required to judge the credibility and feasibility of the manuscript.
  • It is the duty of appointed reviewers to offer unbiased, detailed and constructive comments with supporting arguments.
  • Reviewers should ensure that there is no conflict of interests between the reviewers and the authors, author’s research work or author’s research funding. If any, reviewers should communicate with editors.
  • Reviewers should complete their review within the stipulated time. If reviewers require more time or unable to complete their review within the stipulated time, they should communicate with editors.

Editor’s Obligations

  • Editors are liable to uphold the integrity of the publication review process.
  • Editors should keep all information related to the manuscript received as confidential, including the identity of the author(s) and reviewer(s).
  • Editors should ensure that each manuscript received by the journal is evaluated for its intellectual content regardless of gender, race, ethnic, religion or citizenship of author(s).
  • It is the duty of editors to make the final decision whether to accept the manuscript to be published in the journal.
  • The responsibilities of editors are guided by the policies set by the editorial board and shall be constrained by its legal requirements.
The editorial board has complete authority to accept or reject a manuscript. If libel, copyright infringement, plagiarism or any unethical publishing behaviour is found, the editorial board has complete authority to amend or withdraw the manuscript if necessary. The published manuscripts would not represent the stand or opinion of the Editorial Board of Malaysian Finance Association. Any cases of serious ethical misconduct will be dealt with using the guidelines issued by COPE.