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Volume 23, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-95 (2015)

Municipal Credit Ratings and Unfunded Pension Liabilities: New Evidence?
Pages 1-24
Fahad Alshathri, J. Richard Aronson, Nandkumar Nayar

Impact of Lock-Up Provision on Two IPO Anomalies in the Immediate Aftermarket
Pages 25-39
Norliza Che-Yahya, Ruzita Abdul-Rahim, Rasidah Mohd-Rashid

Performance and Trading Characteristics of Exchange Traded Funds: Developed vs Emerging Markets
Pages 40-64
Aftab Parvez Khan, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Abul Mansur Mohammed Masih

The Impact of Institutional Investors on Real and Accrual Earnings Management around IPO: Evidence from Malaysian Emerging Market
Pages 65-83
Sani Hussaini KalgoBany Ariffin Amin Noordin, Hairul Suhaimi Bin Nahar, Siti Zaida Binti Turmin

Informational Content of Yield Spread: Predicting Economic Growth of Malaysia
Pages 84-95
Joanne Yen-Ei Kek, Kim-Leng Goh

Volume 21, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-87 (2013)

Financial Convergence of the Asia Pacific Developing Economies
Pages 1-12
Juliana Ibrahim, Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Controlling Shareholders and the Implied Cost of Equity of Malaysian Firms
Pages 13-37
Swee-Sim Foong, Chee-Wooi Hooy, Guat-Khim Hooy

Introduction of the Single-Tier Corporate Tax System: Its Effect on Share Price
Pages 39-66
Aslam Selamat, Mohamed Ariff, Shamsher Mohamad

Is the Long Term Profit Rate of Malaysian Sukuk a Good Predictor of Short Term Profit Rate?
Pages 67-87
Adesina-Uthman Ganiyat Adejoke, Taufiq Hassan, Shamsher Mohamad, M. Kabir Hassan

Volume 20, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-76 (2012)

Do Malaysian Islamic Banks Manage Earnings through Profit Equalisation Reserve?
Pages 1-20
Raudha Md. Ramli, S.Shahida, Abdul Ghafar Ismail

Determinants of Sectoral Cost of Equity for an Emerging Market: The Case of Malaysian Firms
Pages 21-41
Foong Swee Sim, Goh Kim Leng

Do ‘Sin Stocks’ Deprive Islamic Stock Portfolios of Diversification? Some Insights from the Use of MGARCH-DCC
Pages 43-64
Nazrol Kamil Mustaffa Kamil, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Abul Mansur Mohammed Masih

Empirical Analysis of the Causality between Indian and US Stock Markets’ Conditional Volatility: Further Evidence
Pages 65-76
Rakesh Kumar, Raj S Dhankar

Volume 19, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-87 (2011)

Trade-off Theory of Optimal Capital Structure and Adjustment to Long-run Target: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Data
Pages 1-14
B.T. Matemilola, A.N. Bany-Ariffin, W.N.W. Azman-Sain

Family and Government-Controlled Firms and their Recognition of Goodwill Impairment
Pages 15-32
Noraini Omar, Norman Mohd-Saleh, Mohd Fairuz Mohd Salleh

Innovative Islamic Hedging Products: Application of Wa’d in Malaysian Banks
Pages 33-51
Saadiah Mohamad, Azlin Alisa Ahmad, Shahida Shahimi

How Market Makers Affect Efficiency: Evidence that Markets are Becoming Less Efficient
Pages 53-72
Kurt W. Rotthoff

A Structural Modeling of International Parities between Malaysia and China in the Liberalisation Era
Pages 73-87
Chan Tze-Haw, Hooy Chee-Wooi

Volume 17, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-102 (2009)

Financial Efficiency of SMEs in the Northern Corridor Economic Region: A DEA Analysis
Pages 1-19
Hooy Chee Wooi, Hooy Guat Khim, Tajul Ariffin Masron

Assessing the Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Cost Efficiency
Pages 21-42
Fadzlan Sufian, Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Determinants of Credit Risk in Malaysian Islamic Banks
Pages 43-60
Siti Norakinah SH Ahmad Tajuddin, Shahida Shahimi, Mohamad Abdul Hamid

Market Consequences of Earnings Quality for Malaysian Listed Companies
Pages 61-78
Radziah Abdul Latiff, Fauziah Md Taib

Benefits of Co-trading: Evidence from Australian and Singapore Stock Exchanges
Pages 79-102
Charlie Charoenwong, Chee Ng

Volume 15, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-101 (2007)

Regulations and Underpricing of IPOs
Pages 1-27
Kamarun Nisham Taufil Mohd

Fama-French Model Explanations of the Stock Market Anomaly
Pages 29-51
Ruzita Abdul-Rahim

Real Financial Integration among the East Asian Economies: A SURADF Panel Approach
Pages 53-71
Chan Tze-Haw, Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah, Evan Lau

The Integration Effect of Ownership Structure and Board Governance on Dividends: Evidence from Malaysian Listed Firms
Pages 73-101
Fauzias Mat Nor, Zunaidah Sulong

Volume 14, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-80 (2006)

Determinants of Asset Write-offs in Malaysia: The Economic Crisis Effect
Pages 1-16
Norman Mohd Saleh, Romlah Jaffar

The Integration of Residential Real Estate Market and Stock Market: Assessment Using the ARDL Approach
Pages 17-26
Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah, Wong Woei Chyuan

Estimating and Forecasting Volatility of the Malaysian Stock Market Using a Combination of Kalman Filter and GARCH Models
Pages 27-42
Cheah Lee Hen, Zainudin Arsad

Linking Bank Efficiency and Share Price Performance: Evidence from the Singaporean Banking Industry
Pages 43-64
Fadzlan Sufian, Muhd- Zulkhibri Abdul Majid

Stock Market Linkages in the ASEAN-5 Region and Implications on Seasonality Effect
Pages 65-80
Ruzita Abd-Rahim, Abu Hassan Shaari Mohd. Nor, Dwipraptono Agus Harjito

Volume 13, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-79 (2005)

Ownership Structure, Motives and Corporate Takeover Performance of Malaysian Public Listed Firms
Pages 1-19
Saw-Imm Song, Ruhani Ali, Subramaniam Pillay

Operating Performance of Initial Public Offerings in Malaysia
Pages 21-32
Zamri Ahmad, Lim Suh Mei

Gearing Differences Across Malaysian Public Listed Companies
Pages 33-46
Sharifah Raihan Syed Mohd Zain

Price Limits Performance: Evidence from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 47-64
Fauzias Mat Nor, Zulkifli Deraman

Financial Openness and Bank Development: The Experience of East Asia
Pages 65-79
Noor A. Ghazali, Kent Matthews

Volume 12, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-77 (2004)

Security Analysts’ Monitoring Activity: Does it Reduce Agency Costs?
Pages 1-16
Ahmad Rizal Mazlan, Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah

Response Asymmetries in the Linkages of Asean-5 Equity Prices
Pages 17-34
Mansor H. Ibrahim

Long-Run Trade Competitiveness and Exchange Rate Misalignments in ASEAN-5
Pages 35-56
Kwek Kian-Teng, Cho Cho-Wai

Bank Loan Loss Provisioning: An Examination of Capital Management, Income Smoothing and Cyclicality Hypotheses
Pages 57-77
Roselee Shah Shaharudin, Abd. Ghafar Ismail

Volume 11, Issue 1&2 pp. 1-115 (2003)

Daily Returns Seasonality and Impact of Stock Index Futures: Evidence From The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 1-22
Azhar Mohamad, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Mansor Ibrahim

Dynamic Financial Linkages of Japan And Asean Economies: An Application of Real Interest Parity
Pages 23-40
Chan Tze Haw, Khong Wye Leong Roy, Zubaidi Baharumshah

Speculative Influences In The Stock Market: A Case Study of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 41-63
Fatimah Wati Ibrahim, Rahana Abd Rahman

Testing PPP Hypothesis In Major Asean Economies: Does Data Generating Process Matter?
Pages 65-80
Hock-Ann Lee, Kian-Ping Lim, M. Azali

The Effect of Term Spreads On Malaysian Commercial Bank Activity
Pages 81-115
Rasidah Mohd. Said

Volume 10, Issue 2 pp. 1-75 (2002)

Domestic Money, Foreign Money and the Performance of Malaysian Common Stocks: A Long Run Equilibrium Analysis
Pages 1-20
Noor A Ghazali, Soo-Wah Low

Income Smoothing and Market Perception of Accounting Numbers: An Empirical Investigation of Extraordinary Items
Pages 21-42
Wan Adibah Wan Ismail, Khairul Anuar Kamarudin, Muhd Kamil Ibrahim

Announcements Effect of Corporate Name Change: Failed vs Non-Failed Firms
Pages 43-60
Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori, Shamser Mohamad, Annuar Md Nassir, Mohamad Ali Abdul Hamid

Financial Goals Choices and Performance of Firms in Malaysia
Pages 61-75
I. M. Pandey

Volume 10, Issue 1 (2002)

Are Values of Malaysian Companies Affected By Foreign Exchange Rate Changes?
Pages 1-21
Subramaniam S.Pillay, Gary Rangel

Capital Structure and Market Power Interaction: Evidence From Malaysia
Pages 23-40
I. M. Pandey

Multi- Index CAPM vs APT: A Comparison Of Two Asset Pricing Models For Malaysia 
Pages 41-66
Ch’ng Hock Khoon, G. S Gupta 

Portfolio Formation Using Islamic- Approved Stock in Malaysia
Pages 67-86
Mohd Hasimi Yaacob, Noor Azuddin Yakob

Mint Determination of Firm Debt, Ownership Structure on Firm Performance: A Methodology Review
Pages 87-114
Augustinus Setiawan S, Fauziah M. Taib 

Price Randomness, Fundamental Factors, and Stock Market Contrarian Strategy: Further Evidence on Malaysian Stock Market
Pages 115-137
Fauzias Mat Nor, Lai Ming Ming, A. Manaf bin Hussin

Price Reaction to Stock Repurchase: Evidence from KLSE
Pages 139-177
Lim Eng Hwa, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha

Volume 4, Issue 1 pp. 1-101 (1996)

Is the Malaysian Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange Market Efficienct? Some Recent Evidence Using the Cointegration Technique
Pages 1-19
Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah, Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Some Evidence on Short-Run Market Overreaction for the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 21-32
Noraini Mohd. Ariffin, David M. Power

Who Actually Did Gain From The Underpricing of IPO’s
Pages 33-47
Othman Yong

Is There A Chinese New Year Effect in Malaysia?
Pages 49-61
Sinclair Davidson, Albert Peker

Cluster-Based Development: Macroeconomic Framework
Pages 63-101
Muthi Samudram

Volume 4, Issue 2 pp. 1-81 (1996)

The Nature and Extent of Beta Instability In the Kuala Lumpur Stock Market
Pages 1-14
Robert D. Brooks, Robert W. Faff, Mohamed Ariff

Malaysian Evidence on the Robustness of the Day-of-the-week Effect
Pages 15-29
Sinclair Davidson, Albert Peker

Differential Estimation Risk and Firm Value: A Commentary
Pages 31-46
Lam Swee Sum

Who Gets the Bonus in Bonus Stock Issuance?
Pages 47-69
Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Ahamed Kameel Meera

Random Walk or Stationarity With-Structural Break in Malaysian Stock Prices: An Empirical Note
Pages 71-81
Mansor H. Ibrahim

Volume 3, Issue 1pp. 1-102 (1995)

Profile of Individual Investors in the Kelang Valley Area
Pages 1-16
Mansor Md Isa, Lim Ching Fong

Managerial Capital Budgeting Objectives Under Asymmetries Of Information: A Survey Of Recent Trends
Pages 17-32
Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Faoziah Idris

Measuring The Costs of IPO Underpricing- The Original Shareholders’ View
Pages 33-48
Steven M. Dawson

Influence Of The End-Of-The-Week Performances of The New York Stock Exchange And The Tokyo Stock Exchange On The Beginning-Of-The-Week Performance Of The KLSE
Pages 49-72
Othman Yong

Dividend Behaviour in Malaysia
Pages 73-84
Lok Kong Sing, G.S. Gupta

A Note On The Financial Performance of Conglomerate versus Non-Conglomerate
Pages 85-94
Fauzias Mat Nor, Hussin Dollah

The Central Depository System
Pages 95-102

Volume 3, Issue 2 pp. 1-109 (1995)

Performance of Property Trusts in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Pages 1-19
Kok Kim Lian, Khoo Liam Kim

The Investment Performance of Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia
Pages 21-50
Tan Hoon Chuan

The Performance of Unit Trusts in Malaysia: Some Evidence
Pages 51-69
Shamsher Mohamad, Annuar Mohd Nassir

Are the Main and Second Board on the KLSE Integrated? Some Empirical Evidence
Pages 71-90
Muzafar Shah Habibullah, Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah

The Economic Viability of Some Commonly used technical Analysis Tools in the Malaysian Securities market
Pages 91-99
Shamsher Mohamad, Ong Bey Tsong, Annuar Mohd Nassir

Securities Commission Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds, Property Trust Funds and Closed End Funds
Pages 101-109

Volume 2, Issue 1 pp. 1-101 (1994)

Measuring The Cost of IPO Underpricing: The Issuer’s View
Pages 1-14
Steven M. Dawson

The Bahaviour of Malaysian Stock Prices
Pages 15-44
Rosita P. Chang, Jun-Koo Kang, S. Ghon Rhee

Weak-Form Efficiency in The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange: New Evidence
Pages 45-60
Kok Kim Lian, Goh Kim Leng

Stock Price Behaviour Around Ex-Dividend Date: A Malaysian Case
Pages 61-76
Wan Leng Whatt

Average Returns to Small and Large Investors in Singapore Initial Public Offerings
Pages 77-90
Lance Brannman

Regulation of Securities Markets
Pages 91-96
Mohamad Ariff bin Md Yusof

Note on Technical Analysis and the Efficiency of the Malaysian Stock market
Pages 97-102
Ungku Norulkamar Ungku Ahmad

Volume 2, Issue 2 pp. 1-98 (1994)

Capital Structure Policy in Malaysia: A Compartive Analysis
Pages 1-16
George W. Kester, Mansor Md Isa

Analysis of Underpricing in the Malaysian New Issues Market During 1975-1990: Are New Issues Excessively Underpriced?
Pages 17-28
Shamsher Mohamad, Annuar Md Nassir, Mohamed Ariff

The Relationship Between Monetary Growth and the Money Market Rates: The Malaysian Experience
Pages 29-48
Noor Azlan Ghazali

The Accuracy of Profit Forecasts of Malaysian IPOs
Pages 49-70
Shamsher Mohamad, Annuar Md Nassir, Tan Kung Kuing, Mohamed Ariff

The Effects of Common Economic Factors on International Equity Markets
Pages 71-86
Abdul Ghani Shafie

Notes: Call Warrants
Pages 87-100