Volume 4

Volume 4, Issue 2 pp. 1-81 (1996)

The Nature and Extent of Beta Instability In the Kuala Lumpur Stock Market
Pages 1-14
Robert D. Brooks, Robert W. Fatt, Mohamed Ariff

Malaysian Evidence on the Robustness of the Day-of-the-week Effect
Pages 15-29
Sinclair Davidson, Albert Peker

Differential Estimation Risk and Firm Value: A Commentary
Pages 31-46
Lam Swee Sum

Who Gets the Bonus in Bonus Stock Issuance
Pages 47-69
Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Ahamed Kameel Meera

Random Walk or Stationarity With-Structural Break in Malaysian Stock Prices: An Empirical Note
Pages 71-81
Mansor H. Ibrahim

Posted in Issue 2 pp. 1-81 (1996).